Our Blessings
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Our Blessings consist of many life's joys that God gives us.  Along the way, we see the "Fruit of our Labor" and it's a glorious feeling!! We are meeting people outside the walls of being incarcerated.  We had the priviledge of being in front of these people through our Prison Ministry.  Sharing with you because it blesses our heart and hope it does your too! Praise the Lord!!

We stopped at McDonalds to eat breakfast in the Little Rock area and an employee recognized us. While incarcerated in prison she attended every service we had in that unit. She is now out of prison, works a full time job and rents an apartment.  Praise the Lord!

A young man that had been an inmate in several units we ministered in, recognized us and told us what a blessing we were to him, and he attended every service we had. He is now out of prison, working a full time job as a Server in a restaurant and attending a local church faithfully. He introduced us to his fiancée and they are to be married soon!!  Praise the Lord!!

Exciting people! We went out to eat while running errands and a Server walks us to our table.  She attended our services while she was an inmate in prison. She recognized us and it was so good to see her. She had re dedicated her life in one of our services! I love when this happens!  Praise God!!

Oh my goodness people you won't believe it again! We went to get a bite to eat and a cook at this restaurant came up to us and said the name of a unit we minister in. Matter of fact, we were at that unit last night!  He is a cook in this restaurant and doing great. He thanked us for coming and ministering in prison to men like him. I totally love this, hallelujah!

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