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Faith-Based Ministry -Reaching Out to Prisons
Eddie Kelso Evangelistic Ministries is reaching out to prisons.  Eddie and wife Joy, are both CRA (certified religious assistant) in the Arkansas prisons and certified assistants in Texas prisons.  They are Chaplains for Arkansas Dept. of Corrections.
After pastoring for 17 years, Bro. Eddie & Joy Kelso were ministering to local churches and conducting Tent Revivals. Bro. Eddie was asked in 2010 to participate in a revival at Varner Prison in Pine Bluff, AR.  During this meeting there were 68 souls saved!
God began to burden Bro. Eddie & Joy with a compassion for inmates, to be reached in the gospel of Christ. The first door God open for Joy to experience a prison service, was in a prison in Lickeing, Missouri. It was awesome to see 17 inmates repent and ask Christ into their hearts!!
In November 2010, there was a prison revival near Combs, TX.  Bro. Eddie and Joy joined "Know The Truth Prison Ministry" and the team saw 72 saved and 101 other decisions! Praise God!!
Bro. Eddie & Joy feel the prison ministry is a way to reach the lost and through the ministry and our music program, we can also reach out to their families.
There are many needs for this ministry:
Prayer - necessary for the success of the ministry.
Financial support - prisons do not pay us to come and there are many expenses in putting on a revival and weekly discipleship classes. We purchase gospel tracts and bibles.
Bible study material- when a prisoner is saved, he then is enrolled in a Bible study to ground him in the Word of God.
Volunteers are always needed - to visit and attend services.
Churches - to allow our ministry and music program to come in and present the Vision we have of Reaching Prisoners for Christ.
Testimonies on inmates & the impact it can create with our youth.

"Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them;
and them which suffer adversity."   Hebrews 13:3

Offender's Profile In Arkansas

The average highest grade level of education
 8th Grade

Average cost per day for one inmate's care

The youngest Arkansas inmate in prison
15 years old

Average Age in Prison
37.2 years

Average length of Sentence
17.6 years

Many are repeat offenders~ some have religious preference
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