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REFERENCES                                                                                                        INMATE TESTIMONIES
Kenneth Strickland, Pastor of Fellowship Bapt Church,
Bella Vista, AR

"As Eddie and Joy's pastor and having ministered with them in different prisons, I am thankful for the privilege of endorsing Know the Truth Prison Ministry."

Bobby Bowman, EIM Medical Director:

"Bro. Eddie is an effective evangelist and given to his ministry with all his being."

Pastor Terry Johnson:

"In every generation, God has always raised up and called special servants to spread the glorious gospel of His Son, Jesus Christ. It is clear, He has chosen Bro. Eddie & Joy and is blessing their ministry of music and the message of reaching the lost in these last days."

Evangelist Tommy Drewett:

"My son-in-law Eddie, has always had a love for the Lord and a desire to win souls for Christ. Through his preaching many have and will come to know  the Lord.  Also, my daughter Joy, and Eddie do a fine job presenting the gospel in music."

"Testimonies of Inmates"- From inside the prison walls!

These are just some of the dramatic true stories you will hear
in their own words, of what led these men to a life of crime! But through God's redeeming grace, they have a new life inside the prison walls!

Kenneth D Williams - death row inmate story & testimony
Adam C - given 2 life sentences for murder at the age of 18
Robert R. - sentenced life without parole for capital murder at 19

This is a mission field in our own back yard
that affects so many people.
Inmate Stories / Testimonies  
Kenneth D. Williams  In 1989, at the age of 9, Kenneth was recruited into "The Black Gangster Disciples" in Pine Bluff, AR.  During his teen years he was sentenced to the Arkansas Juvenille serious-offenders program 3 times, once for shooting at a cop.  At age 19, after smoking marijuana, he robbed a young couple, shooting them, leaving them for dead, but one victim survived. He was given a life sentence for that crime and sent to Cummins Maximum Security Unit in Grady, AR.

On October 3, 1999 he escaped, walked to a farm, killed a farmer and stole his truck.  While on the run, he got into a hig-speed chase with the police, hit a driver and he was killed.

On August 30, 2000 Kenneth was sentenced to death and sent to the Varner Super Max in Grady, AR.  While on death row, God began to work on his heart, and on May 9, 2005 he repented of his sins and committed his life to Jesus Christ.  After he was saved he contacted the police and confessed to another murder to give the family closure.

After being saved, he began to read his Bible and through prayers felt God's calling to preach.  While on death row, he became a graduate of three Bible Colleges, received an honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree, a Master's Degree in Religion, and became an ordained minister.

Bro. Eddie met Kenneth on death row in 2010, and he and Joy began to minister to him.  Through these visits his greates desire was to share the Gospel and warn young people of the dangers of gang life.  He wanted Know the Truth Prison Ministry to continue his hard work in case his execution went through.

Kenneth D. Williams was executed on Thursday, April 27, 2017 at 11:05 p.m. at the Cummins Unit in Grady, AR.  His final words were, "I extend my sincerest of apologies to the families, I have senselessly wronged and deprived of their loved ones.  I was more than wrong!  The crimes I perpetrated against you all was senseless, extremely hurtful and inexusable."
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by death row Kenneth Williams
Adam's Story  I'm currently locked up on a life sentence for murder.  For seven years, I've felt like my life was over and I had no hope. I didn't know how I could have a life after taking someone else's.  I felt like I was rotten from within.  I was always stressing or worrying over something.

As time passed, I would try to give my life to the Lord, but I would end up going back to my old self
with the same old feelings.  I felt like I was at a lost and didn't know what to do. I just could not forgive myself. I tried and tried but could never be successful of fully forgiving myself.

Then one day, a CRA (Certified Religious Assistant) came to teach us and he was talking about  forgiveness. At that moment, I experienced something that I had never felt before and that was the presence of the Lord.  I truly feel the Lord was telling me to talk to this man.  I fought with myself on this till the man got done teaching.  
I went on and talked to him about the situation. We talked about the Lord, how He died for my sins and He did this so mine could be forgiven.  He told me to get down on my knees and ask God to forgive me.

So, I got down on my knees and cried out to God, praying for forgiveness, as I was praying it seemed like something was lifted off of my shoulders.  It seemed something was lifted off of my heart and mind. In other words, I felt FREE!! I had hope renewal. Since then, my life has been so much better. I now feel that there is a purpose for my life. (in his own words)
Robert's Story  Growing up, I was always vulnerable to depression and deeply dissatisfied with my life.  I didn't have a bad home life, nor was I lacking in encouragement or opportunity, but it was all empty and meaningless. This bleak outlook on life only intensified as I got older.

In my teen years, I became so miserable and disgusted with myself that I continually entertained suicidal thoughts and eventually it came to the point that I killed someone else just to take them with me when I killed myself. I was arrested and imprisoned, I felt so guilty over what I had done, that I gave up any hope of my life amounting to anything!  I was sure that I didn't deserve to live or have any happiness.  I may have gone on to die in my misery had someone not introduced me to Jesus.

In Jesus, I found that I did deserve to die but that He had already died for me in my place. All the burden of guilt I couldn't bear, that He died for me.  I came to Him broken, miserable, and hopeless.  He made me whole, gave me joy, and showed me hope.
I came to Death Row and would have been justified in thinking my life was over- then I found joy and contentment.  I know I have sinned , but Christ died that those sins may be forgiven. He has saved me from the damnation I had coming, and even delivered me from the sentence of death.  I am happier than I have ever been. (in his own words)

"Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them; and them which suffer adversity."  Hebrews 13:3

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